World Education Services

How World Education Services was able to host an internal virtual event for their employees through Saint Rock Media.

World Education Services is a non-profit organization that helps international students, immigrants and refugees through an evaluation of their accreditation to possibly maintain and/or convert their accreditation’s when looking for work in the USA or Canada.  They also help support immigrant integration into the workforce and help fund immigrant-serving organizations. World Education Services approached Saint Rock Media to create a private online event for their internal employees.


The event was to be presented to internal employees which meant that an easy to follow, streamlined event was requested from World Education Services.  The challenge faced by Saint Rock Media, as the event planning and production company was to creatively design and execute this event whilst still ensuring that there is viewer engagement throughout the 4-hour virtual event.


Saint Rock Media hosted the event on Hopin’s virtual platform, making use of their mainstage for the majority of the conference. The incorporation of the team building games into the virtual experience contributed to increased engagement and was offered as a solution to boost engagement and enjoyment from the employees at World Education Services. In addition, there were topic specific breakout rooms called expo booths which allowed attendees the opportunity to visit and engage with various expo booths. These additional features incorporated into the event saw a positive response from the attendees.


The internal event saw a 99% attendance from those who registered to those who attended. They received an incredibly high Net Promoters Score (NPS) of 9.2 meaning the viewer engagement and enjoyment was notable. The average viewer engagement time was 3.5 hours throughout the 4-hour event. A rare find was that each person who attended the event, visited at least one virtual expo booth, further highlighting the engagement of the attendees. The engagement measured through the NPS score shows that even though the internal staff event was expected to be well attended, it was successful in being an enjoyable, engaging event as well.