How the triangular relationship between venue, virtual platform and event planner/production company is key in successfully hosting a hybrid event in the case of Marriott, Hopin and Saint Rock Media.


A hybrid event aims to seamlessly incorporate both in-person and virtual participants in one sitting through a bi-directional broadcast. Hosting a hybrid event can come with its own set of challenges with one of the most concerning being ensuring that both the in-person and the virtual participants are all connected, equally heard, and respected throughout the event. Saint Rock Media hosted a series titled, “Future of Faith” – a hybrid event series for DFW Church and Potomac Valley Church – where the event saw six in-person participants and four virtual participants. The amount of people involved allowed for a greater challenge in ensuring that each party felt equally important throughout the event and that there was a level of continuity between the two experiences, both online and in-person, because ultimately it was one event.


The solution offered by Saint Rock Media was to ensure the highest production quality throughout the event. A beautiful, spacious venue with the appropriate internet and connectivity at the Marriott Hotel coupled with a three-to-four camera production ensured that each person was captured when they were speaking and still present on camera when another person was speaking. Hopin being able to accommodate this multi-camera technique, in addition to the online participants, really helped bring the event to life, allowing for reaction shots to be incorporated into the event as opposed to an “only seen when speaking” approach that many online events are forced to make use of. In addition to the high production value of this event, both technically and aesthetically, Saint Rock Media’s pre-production design of two hosts for the event (one virtual and one in-person) made all the difference. Not only did the multiple cameras see that every person was captured in-person, but each group had an advocate that ensured that all the participants were heard and respected throughout the event. All of these elements allowed for a stress-free shooting experience for the clients, and a pleasurable viewing experience for the audience.


Feedback from our clients:

“We really wanted to create an atmosphere in both groups that they were a part of the discussion and those who were live were certainly able to experience that in, I believe, a very healthy way and I believe how we set up our virtual audience, did the same.” 

– Todd Asaad from DFW Church

“We benefited from all the help that we’ve gotten from Saint Rock Media in really ensuring that we have high- quality picture, high-quality sound and that our content is curated in such a way that it is accessible to people and that there is a greater degree of brevity than we would have had in our in-person gatherings.” 

– Will Archer from Potomac Valley Church

The combination of in-depth planning and design, incredible venue and platform partnerships, as well as a high-quality production proved a successful Hybrid event model initiated by Saint Rock Media as the production and event planning company. Due to the success of this model, it has been requested by all parties to be used again in order to best host their future hybrid events.


“Hybrid is here”

– Will Archer from Potomac Valley Church