EFCC Media Workshop

How a distributed European team used Saint Rock Media for a virtual workshop

The European Federation of Churches for Christ headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland focuses on training curriculums for missionaries in Berlin, Brussels, Milan, Paris, Prague, and many other European countries.


Each year the program hosts a number of international speakers from The United States, West Africa, Canada, Western Europe, etc. The travel restrictions held by many countries caused the training programs to become more difficult to execute. As a follow-up to Quarantine Church Con, EFCC invited Saint Rock Media to produce a workshop for their 10 churches.


Saint Rock Media designed a curriculum and used Hopin’s platform to host the 10 churches with a dedicated breakout room for each church to workshop amongst themselves during the event and recorded the program for on-demand training.


All 10 churches participated in the training and received personalized audits during the 4-hour workshop with speakers from across the US. There was a 100% attendance rate and EFCC has booked another training in three months.