CRLA Virtual Training Retreat

How the CRLA created an engaging internal event that ran over two weeks with Saint Rock Media.

California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA) is a state funded law firm that helps low-income employees that work in rural counties maintain their rights. Their vision is “to see a rural California where all people are treated with dignity and respect and guaranteed their fundamental human rights.”


The CRLA’s greatest need was to have Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) within the virtual platform that would allow the participants the ability to participate in their native tongue. The CRLA are big advocates of language justice in support of their vision to see that all rural workers are treated with dignity and respect. This meant that in the little time Saint Rock Media had to produce the event, a lot of time was dedicated to finding a platform that best suited all of the CRLA’s requirements. In addition to finding the best RSI integrated platform, the event included a family games night as well as an awards ceremony.


At the time, the most affordable platform that integrated RSI was Zoom, and so Saint Rock Media made use of both the Zoom and Hopin platforms simultaneously throughout the two-week event. Expo rooms were created to host family games night which was a huge hit with the participants, and the integration of games into a virtual space made a positive impact on viewer engagement. Two variations of the graphics were created, one for the regular day time events and the other for the Awards Ceremony. Saint Rock Media pre-recorded the winner’s candid reactions so that the Awards Ceremony would be more engaging. The CRLA organized meals to be sent to the participant’s households the evening of the awards ceremony so that they could all enjoy a meal together and watch the Awards Ceremony.


As a result of the meticulous platform selection conducted by CRLA and Saint Rock Media, the participants enjoyed the freedom they felt during the virtual event with the integration of the RSI on the virtual platform. The games night and Awards Ceremony were huge hits with the Awards Ceremony turning into a party, which was a memorable way to end off the event! There were just under 200 participants which averaged an 88% attendance throughout the two-week event. Saint Rock Media put together a wrap-up video of the event (see above) which showcases the response from CRLA and the participants.