Virtual CampĀ 

How Camp Swamp moved 10 weeks of summer camp on Hopin

Camp Swamp has been in operation for over 25 years and hosts 10+ weeks of summer camp from May to August. In addition to the many weeks of camp they produce, Camp Swamp has 15 affiliate camp sites around the world (India, South African, Taiwan, Carribean, and more).


During the wake of COVID-19, the camp staff and board had to figure out how to still foster relationships and connections with their campers without meeting in person. Safety, engagement, ease of use and bringing camp culture online were paramount to the success of the camps.

Camp Swamp needed a virtual platform that could bring everyone together from multiple time zones all while making parents and campers feel like they were still at camp.


In two weeks, Saint Rock Media designed and built a pilot week of camp for 150, campers, counselors and stakeholders to see if this was the direction they would go in for 2020. Saint Rock Media produced a sticky promo video and a series of tutorial videos to help parents and campers feel comfortable with the idea of camp online.


Over 150 campers, counselors and parents attended the pilot week of Camp Swamp and participated in their secure cabins (sessions), Mingle Time (networking), bible lessons (main stage), and games and activities (expo). To date, Camp Swamp has moved their entire camp operation online and Saint Rock Media has produced 6 weeks of camp so far. Because Camp Swamp was such an early adopter, other regional camps have partnered with Camp Swamp so that their campers can enjoy camp this summer as well. Lastly, Saint Rock was able to help Camp Swamp accommodate their international attendees by creating language specific rooms and premiering the starlight devotional during evening hours India, South Africa and the United States.