Sing Hope

How a Saint Rock Media Giving Tuesday campaign made over $120,000 from donations

HOPE worldwide, founded in 1991, is an international charitable organization determined to bring hope and save lives. With the global community calling for an emergency Giving Tuesday on May 5, HOPEww answered the call to serve their global community.


With only 12 days before Giving Tuesday, HOPEww needed a quickly designed and executed campaign to draw awareness to their fundraising efforts. Saint Rock Media, already working with their junior team on a smaller scale project, was recruited for HOPEww’s international campaign.


In 4 days, HOPEww was able to launch #SINGHOPE, their full digital media campaign featuring a lineup of talented singers and musicians, headlined by lead-singer Speech from the 2x Grammy Award winning hip-hop collective Arrested Development.


The event was attended by over 10,000 attendees and with an original fundraising goal of $100,000, the event raised over $120,000 for families impacted by COVID-19. Also, with the benefit concert hosted on the HOPEww YouTube channel, their subscribers grew by 120%.