Consensys Ethereal Summit

How ConsenSys’ largest online event of the year, Ethereal Summit, was planned and produced in 2 weeks by Saint Rock Media.

Ethereal Summit is ConsenSys’ largest event of the year. It was first launched last year in 2020, however ConcenSys was displeased with their previous virtual event experience. This year, in 2021, they approached Saint Rock Media to plan and produce their Ethereal Summit event on Hopin virtual event platform. 


ConsenSys approached Saint Rock Media with their largest annual event that needed to be planned and executed within two weeks. It was a two-day event that had 13 thousand attendees. This timeline definitely presented itself as a challenge as there were multiple factors involved in the construction of this event. One of these factors was the high production value that would need to incorporate a unique graphics package for the event. Another factor was the incorporation of high profile speakers into the event namely; Mark Cuban, Edward Snowden, Anthony Scaramucci, Camron and Tyler Winklevoss, Brian Brooks, Vitalik Buterin and Joe Lubin. 


Saint Rock Media presented multiple solutions including the creation of a graphics package that helped expand on the Ethereal Summit’s brand identity.

In addition to the graphics package, Saint Rock Media on boarded and trained up 100 speakers within the two-week timeframe, in time for the event. Saint Rock Media also assisted in the integration of the event’s metaverse afterparty in Cryptovoxels.

Saint Rock Media booked Gary Vaynerchuk – who is well known for his NFT (Non-fungible token) project titled V-friends – for an interview which helped introduce him and his project to the greater crypto community through the Ethereal Summit event. This solution allowed for Saint Rock Media to take part in a larger, social conversation in their navigation of this event. Gary’s project, V-friends, has now grossed over 50 million dollars in auction.


As a result of all the planning that went into the event, the event scored an impressive 8.9 Net Promoters Score(NPS) with the average online viewer engagement reaching 4.5 hours and 13 thousand attendees. In addition, ConsenSys saw that the analytics from the Ethereal Summit event presented unique opportunities of where they could engage in future markets.  Saint Rock Media received compliments for not only executing the event in time, but more so that ConsenSys said that they were a pleasure to work with.